Helsinki: The Envelope Please

It’s almost time for IxDA’s Interaction Conference – which means we’re right in the thick of judging entries for the IxD Awards! In this post, we’ll take a look at the awards categories and review how entries are evaluated.
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Ingestibles: The Next Frontier for Experience Design?

Two recent developments are about to disrupt the healthcare industry in a major way: Embeddables and Ingestibles. Both aim to turn you and I into the actual things in the IoT.
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UX 911 Part 1: Scope, Priority, and Heuristics

It happens… The client or project lead calls you in the 11th hour, hair on fire and says: “We need you to fix our UX!”Here’s How…
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UX 911 Part 2: UI Taxonomy

I can’t stress enough how important UI taxonomy is to the success or failure of a project. Bad taxonomy can absolutely kill usability.
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The Dark Side of UX

No doubt you’ve completed more than a few online transactions that employ dark patterns – user interfaces carefully crafted to trick you into doing things, such as buying insurance with a purchase or signing up for recurring bills.
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